First for the bad news. Due to our limited budget AVW does not offer individual sponsorships to teams or players unless they are of international standard. Sorry people but we can't sponsor everyone.

Now to the good news. We do offer sponsorship to clubs and associations holding tournaments, fundraisers, etc. You will need to be able to display a clear opportunity for AVW to gain exposure that could lead to sales but other than that the process is pretty simple. Just send us a detailed proposal of what you are doing, what you would like from us and how you think AVW can offset the cost through future sales. We will consider your application and get back to you by phone or email to discuss options.

Common proposals we have taken up are things like MVP awards, advertising in tournament programs, raffle prizes, etc, etc.

We also do tournament sponsorships of Australian Volleyball Federation events and regional tournaments. Examples include the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships, Australian Volleyball School's Cup, Spike Zone, Warrnambool Seaside Tournament, Victorian Open Volleyball Champs, Northern Beaches Volleyball, etc, etc.

Applications can be mailed, faxed or emailed at .

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