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Born and bred in Melbourne Australia the Australian Volleyball Warehouse has grown quickly since its humble beginnings in 1997. Starting with just enough stock to cover a card table AVW now boasts the most complete range of volleyball equipment in Australia.

At Australian Volleyball Warehouse we are dedicated to supplying every possible volleyball product a player or official could ever want. Make sure you re-visit our site as the range continues to grow and feel free to notify us of any requests you may have.

Trading Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm (9am-4pm during VVL game days)
Sunday: Closed
Public Holidays: Closed

During major volleyball events we may also be closed while we temporarily move the retail outlet to these events. Check the Event Calendar for more details.

Staff Profiles

Shane Purvis
Managing Director


Shane began playing volleyball at the age of a squash court. Now that's what we call desperate for a game. Not much has changed since then. Pretty much any time, any place if there is a game on he'll be in it.

By day Shane used to be a Graphic Designer/Online Publisher. He was responsible for the original AVW web site design that served the company for over 10 years. If there's any features you'd like to see on the new website feel free to send plenty of suggestions so Shane is kept too busy to annoy the rest of the staff.

Shane has coached at state, club and school level for well over 10 years winning various medals and titles along the way.

Official player profile of Shane from the staff of Australian Volleyball Warehouse.

Sport: volleyball
Position: opposite
Height: 6'1" barefoot
Spike reach: way, way up there
Indoor grading: Honours (probably need to rethink that actually)
Beach grading: Mens AAA (yeah and we might take a look at that too)
Memorable moment on court: 2005 World Masters Games, Canada. Game one...first set in the bag...sub's himself off to propose to now wife Tara...returns to game...which the team wins. At the end of the match opposition team says "How did it go??"...ref says "How did what go??". Clearly he missed the 70mm high letters across the uniform saying MARRY ME TARA! Idiot!
Sporting goal: to one day earn an Australian uniform instead of stealing stuff from the rest of the staff who actually earned the gear. Playing, coaching, water boy, whatever....not fussy. On the bucket list for one day.

Inspiration and hero: Inspiration: Peter Brock...he was the man. Heros: Daughter Kayla...just because she is always "keepin' it real" and son Blake cause he can bounce off anything and survive.
Hobbies: car racing (lots of car racing), snowboarding, volleyball, beach volleyball

Unofficial player profile of Shane from the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Sport: volleyball/beach volleyball/baseball/waterpolo/athletics
Indoor mens: bought Row 275 seats for final, sat in Row 2
Indoor womens: given Row 118 seats for final by sister, sat in Row 2
Beach mens: given Back Row seats for final by mum for birthday, sat in Back Row and got wet like everyone else
Beach womens: bought Row 3 seats for final, sat in Row 3 right beside Nat Cooks family and friends. Actually I think Nat's grandma ended up in my seat after the 14 person shuffle to get 8 of Nat's family into the 5 allocated seats they had. Awesome.
Free Brazilian t-shirt tally: 3

Unofficial player profile of Shane from the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games.

Sport: not enough broken bits to qualify yet but definately developing well.

When staff tell you Shane is busy in a meeting and it just happens to be a Friday...chances are he is actually doing this.



Andrew "Fish" Fisher
Press Monkey.


Mr Andrew is one of the guys you get to chat with when you ring the warehouse. Everyone knows him as Fish, but apparently he's also called Andrew, well at least that's how he answers the phone...

Fish has been a long time player, coach, official and administrator at Bairnsdale Volleyball Association. For those who have never heard of's a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere on the way to nowhere. Let's face it Fish is lucky we rescued him from that place and bought him to the big smoke.

Fishy is still a regular player at country tournaments, state league and his all time favourite, Good Neighbour. Up until VVI cancelled the Vic U15 program he was also an enthusiastic state coach who dedicated many years to state team coaching.

This is the unofficial player profile of The Fish from the staff of Australian Volleyball Warehouse.

Sport: volleyball
Position: Middle blocker / coach
Height: Up there.
Spike reach: As high as he can lift his arm +/- a credit card.
Indoor grading: State
Beach grading: beach schmeach...
Memorable moment: moving to the big smoke...landing in Frankston...and surviving.
Sporting moment:Sharing a house with two time Olympian Tamsin Hinchley (Barnett) is about as as close as he will ever get to an elite sporting moment. It lasted a fair while but all that came of it was a fear of clowns for Tamsin. You'll have to ask her why...

Inspiration and hero: Phil, who's currently winning the office phone dailing comp.
Hobbies: Collecting spoons from small country towns around Victoria.


The new help.


Emily is the fresh new face at AVW. If you call on Monday to Thursday it's highly likely you will be talking to Em. The rest of the staff have requested all difficult phone calls be banned from Fridays.

Emily pretty much runs the joint...or so she keeps telling us. She looks after all the online orders, retail sales in the showroom, stock ordering, website updates, Facebook news, co-ordinates the courier and postal deliveries...and makes a mean cup of coffee. Maybe she does run the joint?? Let's hope she never reads this.

Emily is one of the lucky few at AVW who have their best volleyball still to come. She's been playing club level ball in the country and at state league for a few years and is enjoying every minute of it. Volleyball is a bit of a family tradition for Emily. Her Dad is still playing semi-regularly well into his senior years. (She said that not us)

This is the unofficial player profile of Emily from the staff of Australian Volleyball Warehouse.

Sport: Volleyball
Position: Pass hitter
Height: It's not all about height. (She should be a libero)
Spike reach: I plead the 5th
Indoor grading: Div 2
Beach grading: Whatever you get for sitting with a drink and watching
Memorable moment: Being coached by Fish at Gippsland Academy of Sport
Sporting goal: To have more fun than anyone else
Inspiration and hero: Dad...cause he made me say Dad.
Hobbies: Photography and that other course I'm doing at uni.


Big Al
Internet Nerd.


Al keeps our site on the interweb accurate and up to date. So if you see a stuff up, it's all his fault.

Big Al is yet another former Team Australia athlete to retire and find a happy home at AVW. This one's our beach boy!! Big Al travelled the world for about 6 years living up the endless summer that is the FIVB Swatch World Tour.

If you have questions or need advice on beach equipment you'll stuggle to find anyone better qualified to dish out the good oil.

For anyone that're right...that photo is Sam Bohem acting as Big Al's personal mascot at the 2009 Asian Beach Volleyball Tour. Doesn't Sam look great in pink!!

This is the unofficial player profile of Big Al from the staff of Australian Volleyball Warehouse.

Sport: Beach volleyball
Position: Left Side
Height: 6'8"
Spike reach: too high for most but not Ricardo
Indoor grading: prefers to watch
Beach grading: Not what it used to be. (Insert violin's here)
Memorable moment:
Sporting goal:
World Masters Gold Medal
Inspiration and hero: Probably his big brother Chris. (Insert vomit here!)
Hobbies: Computer stuff, rave parties, Shane's Formula Vee


Phill DeSalvo
Office boy.

Retail Sales Consultant & Official Product Model

Phil is one of this countries greatest recent volleyball exports, one of the true students of the game. But that hasen't stopped us turning him into our office boy!!

Phill left home in Wonthaggi at 17 to take up a full time position at AIS volleyball, later getting a contract in Europe where he turned his hobby into a flourishing career. Phill has basically been a professional volleyball player his entire life...till now!

With well over 100 international games representing Australia right across the globe and a successful professional career in Europe Phill has the kind of knowledge and experiance money can't buy. Seriously, if you have questions or need advice about equipment feel free to ask. Over the years Phill has tried and tested pretty much every piece of volleyball apparel and equipment available.

Phill's day to day role at AVW is to ensure Shane doesn't get caught on the phone any longer than he has to...and to make sure customers get their orders as quickly as possible.

He may be superb at getting the ball to the setter, so we call all our customers setters and generally only let him send out the balls...

This is the unofficial player profile of Phill from the staff of Australian Volleyball Warehouse.

Sport: volleyball
Position: libero (guy who get ball to setter )
Height: actually shorter than Shane.
Spike reach: See position.
Indoor grading: Fairly High...up there.
Beach grading: Men's AA
Memorable moment: Finally getting paid for the work that he did.
Sporting goal:
To do a lap in Shane's race car without spinning off
Inspiration and hero: Phil Liggett (cycling commentator...)
Hobbies: anything with a heartbeat...

This is the "Official Best Ever Photo of Phill Playing Volleyball" voted on by Phill himself.


Phill's thought's on this photo: "This is the best photo of me playing volleyball...ever! This was taken when I was the most ripped I've ever been"

Staff thought's on this photo: "Really?"


The old help.


Eb has been working with us for quite a while now and by gosh, she works darn hard. You'll often see her at events doing all the work while the rest of the staff run off to "quickly check out a game".

As a player Eb represented Victoria for a number of years and has played club volleyball at honours level. Tragically struck down in her prime with a knee injury...she's soon to make a return bigger and better than ever.

This is the unofficial player profile of Eb from the staff of Australian Volleyball Warehouse.

Sport: Boys
Position: Any
Height: As long as it does the job
Spike reach: Ouch!
Indoor grading: Depends who you ask
Beach grading: Outstanding idea
Memorable moment: Too drunk to remember much
Sporting goal: To get back on court soon
Inspiration and hero: Sammy Date
Hobbies: See Sport


Dani Wheeler
Accounts machine

Dani works here on and off in amongst her 45 other roles. She's responsible for making sure Shane never lets the AVW accounts get out of control again. When she started Shane handed her a big folder and said "these people owe us money" it's a small her job is safe.

In short...don't mess with Dani! She's a fierce and relentless accounts woman that will stop at nothing to get old invoices paid. She hates nothing more than a random unpaid account!!

(Dani's note to customers...don't address cheques to Shane cause he will bank em and not tell me!!!)

Dani's also pretty damn good at volleyball. With a couple of AVL titles, several State League championships and many years representing Victoria in juniors and seniors she's done more than her fair share of winning over the years.

This is the unofficial player profile of Dani from the staff of Australian Volleyball Warehouse.

Sport: volleyball
Position: opposite (although she's playing middle at World it or not)
Height: 5'10" and shrinking
Age: a lady never tells (she's over 30)
Spike reach: whatever she gets set
Indoor grading: honours
Beach grading: have you ever seen me play beach...ok...sand castles
Memorable moment: there's so many...U19's beating SA 19-17 in 5th...winning AVL...Oceania Games...maybe I should make a comeback??
Sporting goal:
been there...done that
Inspiration and hero: that's just supid
Hobbies: Husband Nathan, kids Sebastian and Nicholas

Dani's not a dentist...

...she's just hates having her photo taken.

Bill McHoul
(Former) Director


Bill has been involved in the sport of volleyball since the age of 17. He is now very old which makes that a long, long time. Bill hasn't actually worked at AVW for a bloody long time now...but seeing as he is one of the founders we still like to think of him as part of the team.

After spending several years working for Volleyball Victoria as Competition Manager he moved to Kew Sports where he has built the largest domestic volleyball competition in Australia. His centre runs 4 courts 6 days a week.

Bill has coached several Victorian Junior State teams to medals at the Australian Junior Championships. Countless Australian players over the years have been members of Bill's medal winning teams.

As a player...what can we say...Bill is the "Elite Athlete" at AVW. As the starting setter and Captain of the Australian Paralympic Standing Volleyball Team Bill is the only one of us with an Australian uniform that he actually earnt himself.

Unofficial player profile of Bill from the staff of Australian Volleyball Warehouse.

Sport: volleyball
Nickname: Billy
Position: setter
Height: 5'9" with shoes and three pairs of socks on
Spike reach: not required
Indoor division: Division 2 (domestic), Paralympic (international)
Beach grading: Mens B
Memorable moment: having a slightly strained little toe described as a life threatening broken ankle in the Herald-Sun during the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games.
Sporting goal: to actually record a spike reach

Inspiration and hero: A tie between Doug Beal, Dave Beard and his mum.

Official player profile of Bill from the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games.

Sport: volleyball
State: Vic
Date of birth: 11 December 1972
Place of birth: Melbourne, Victoria
Memorable moment: Winning the 1999 Victorian Division Honours State volleyball league title
Inspiration and hero: Former Victorian Institute of Sport Volleyball Coach Craig Smith
Personal goals: Be successful in business and have a happy long-term relationship
Sporting goals: To give my best possible performance at the 2000 and 2004 Paralympic Games
Hobbies: Golf, computers and volleyball
Sporting achievements: Development of Falcons Volleyball Club junior women.


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