Event calender

Feel free to contact us at info@avw.net.au if you'd like us to add your event to our calender!

Events Attended by AVW

One of the best parts about Australian Volleyball Warehouse is that we get to go out on the road. We travel to some of the best volleyball events in the country and wish we could attend more. When we go to an event, we don't take our spare shop thats stored in the back of a factory somewhere, we actually pack up all our stock and racks and shoes and volleyballs and the rest of the assorted bits we have into boxes...toss them into the back of a van or two and head out on the road. Sometimes it's the tyranny of distance that stops us from travelling to a particular event, sometimes it's family, sometimes it commitments to our own volleyball teams. We do try our absolute darndest to get to as many as possible, and when we do arrive you know we are gonna arrive with plenty of product on board.

Keep an eye on our social media pages to see what events we will be attending near you.

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