Cheekie - Handmade Crochet Volleyball Bag by Volleyroo Stefie Fejes

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  • Price: $55.00

All proceeds directly to Volleyroo athletes


Are you tired of having to carry your volleyballs around all the time? Check out this collection of awesome handmade volleyball bags, thoughtfully designed for the modern-day volleyballer. Support an AUS Volleyball Athlete: By purchasing a bag, you're not just getting a high-quality product; you're supporting Australian beach volleyball athlete Stefie Fejes.

Stefie began her small business Cheekie - Handmade Crochet, to support her passion for both volleyball and creative craftsmanship. 100% of every sale goes directly to Stefie so she can fund her FIVB World Tour participation. The more she sells the more events she can's that simple.

Handmade Precision: Every ball bag is crocheted with care, precision, and lots of love, ensuring each piece stands out with its uniqueness.

Eco-Friendly Choice: Play your part in helping the environment. These bags are crafted from 100% biodegradable cotton, making them a green choice you can feel proud of.

Each volleyball bag is unique so colours may vary slightly from the picture.This is part of the appeal of this truly bespoke product.

100% biodegradable cotton yarn
Elastic cord for adjustable openings
Cord locker for secure closure
O-ring and C-shaped carabiner for easy attachment

Just for clarity...volleyball not included. You already knew that...but there's always someone that has to ask.

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