AVW Beach Volleyball Score Pole Kit
Our Price: $35.00
RRP: $55.00


Product Description:

Victorian beach volleyball is fortunate in the world of scoring systems because they have been using Score poles for quite a few years now. Score poles are a PVC pipe with numbers up the side, and a slide indicator that shows what the score is. The great thing about this system is that you can look up the beach to any game and get an immediate indication of the score by checking the position of the slider.

AVW has reworked the classic Victorian design. Originally they were made from PVC pipe with numbers stenciled on the side and the slider was made from the same PVC pipe that was split, painted, drilled and had felt attached to the inside. This design was great, but labor intensive, and after a few seasons in the sand, the paint chipped and faded, leaving the score difficult to see.

The new AVW design uses a special vinyl sticker with UV stabilized ink and a high tack adhesive that will not come off the PVC pole, no matter how many times you jam it into the sand. We've even made one red and one blue. The score indicators are custom made neoprene. Although it may seem to be just a plastic pipe with a sticker and a stubbie holder, I assure you a whole lot more thought went into it than that.

In a new innovation to save you money on shipping we have introduced this D.I.Y. kit. Now all you have to is go down to your local Bunnings or Masters (if you can find one !) and pick up 2 x 1.2m of cheap 90mm PVC pipping and just apply the stickers yourself. No more paying freight on shipping a tube full of air saving you $$$.

Score Pole Kits have 4 Heavy Duty Vinyl Stickers and 2 Neoprene score indicators all for only $35.

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